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Taking Photos is Killing My Pace Time


Days three and four of my new running regimen are complete and I am already feeling stronger and have more energy throughout the rest of my day.  Hubby and I took yesterday off and today was walking only, though, because we were both nearly crippled with shin pain.  It was nearly unbearable for him because he spends his days up and down ladders, but I am a bit luckier as I spend my days at home and can take it easy as necessary.  I still feel good that we stayed active and we did resistance band training while watching tv last night in lieu of jogging.

It’s amazing what a good pair of running shoes can do!  I almost always experience foot pain when walking or jogging and so far I have experienced almost none with my new shoes!  That’s one less reason to hate running!  They feel supportive, grippy, light, and the cushioning is a welcome relief.  I guess I should mention that they are Saucony Grid Cohesion 6 and I absolutely love them so far.  It’s my first ever pair of Saucony but I did quite a bit of reading before I purchased them.

Isn’t our neck of the woods beautiful?! It’s hard not to stop every few feet to snap a picture!

I just installed and starting fiddling with my new photo editing and organizing software, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere 10.  It’s not entirely intuitive and the manual is almost worthless.  There is actually an e-book I saw for sale called, “Photoshop Elements 10: The Missing Manual”, so I guess I’m not the only one who thinks it’s not adequate.  I’m sure as I play with it more and find some resources on how to get more out of it, my photos will improve.  The pictures above are my first stab at it and I was playing with a certain vignette effect.  I think until I improve I will go back to using the Windows 8 photo editing program which works fine enough.
The pics below are from this morning’s walk.  We always sees dozens of bunnies and sometimes deer and even chipmunks!  The chippies are a bit too fast to catch on camera.  It might be easier to get a good shot if I had my regular digital camera as I could zoom in from further back to catch them before they spot us and scamper off, but it’s just so much easier to carry my iPhone as I use it for my running app and music anyway.

Geese on the lawn at Stornoway house

Geese on the lawn at Stornoway house

It's downhill from here

It’s downhill from here

Geese on the dewy lawn at Stornoway

Geese on the dewy lawn at Stornoway

The neighborhood entrance

The neighborhood entrance

Heading back up.  Goose crossing.

Heading back up. Goose crossing.

That's not a goose!

That’s not a goose!