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I’ll fill my eye-holes with images and I’ll blog about it here.

Who Has an Awesome Jew-fro? This Guy!

Top Chef Restaurant Wars Season 11 ep 9 afro jew fro hair style curly

Likes rotini like he likes his hair.  Curly and al dente.

This awesome hair style was spotted while watching Top Chef Season 11 Ep.9 (Restaurant Wars in New Orleans.  This dude knows how to rock a ‘fro! (and he likes his pasta al dente – classy!)
I’m a fan.


Fashionably Beachy


It was great to watch the finale of Project Runway: Season 11 on Hulu yesterday! 

I didn’t like the winner for most of the season but when Tim Gunn visited their homes as the final 4 were making their collection for the finale, I was really impressed with her personality, design and theme  (I won’t spoil who the winner was in case you haven’t watched yet!).
Speaking of Tim Gunn he is THE reason I watch this show.  He is such a wonderful mentor and man.  …not to mention his style! oof! LOVE him.  I have a signed copy of his newest book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible

I played more of The Witcher 2 on Dark.  It’s coming along nicely and doesn’t seem as hard as it did.  I’m on Chapter 2, which is the longest, but the story my second time through is quite different from the first.  I’ve been working on my review of it and it will soon be posted on my other blog, Saving the World From Evil…again!.

Plans for a late spring retreat to Nags Head are coming along and making me think of warm days on the beach.  A few years ago we only lived about an hour from Nags Head so we went nearly every weekend. It was truly wonderful.  I am just not -me- when I’m not near a beach and this is the farthest I have lived from a beach in my entire life.  My consolation until we move again is this weekend trip and the beautiful and serene country land I get to live in the rest of the year.
We have to get a hammock stand for the hammock we bought at Nags Head Hammocks  a few years ago!  They hand fashion them and it’s spectacular.  We got to order our hammock and pick it up the next day. We even got to see them making it.  We have plenty of room to hang our hammock but nothing to hang it from, so we “have” to go back to get a stand. I just don’t know how I will hold up 😀 !!!