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Spring Cleaning


Spring is a time of renewal both in nature and in our lives.  Just as a good assessment of a plant in need of pruning is necessary for it’s healthy growth and development, so is the evaluation of our lives.  Think of it as a New Year’s Resolution part 2.  I stay fairly organized and clean throughout the year but spring is a good time to assess what’s working and what isn’t and clean up my act so-to-speak.  I have taken the time this spring to spruce up my video game collection, garden, home, and health.

The first thing I started to tackle is a fun one; I was inspired to finish some of the great 2012 video games on my shelf by the Raptr Spring Cleaning Challenge and am blogging about my success with it on my gaming blog, Saving the World from Evil…again!.  I have completed The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Far Cry 3, The Darkness II, and am currently finishing Lollipop Chainsaw, Halo 4, Borderlands 2, and Call of Duty Black Ops II.  I had finished Dishonored, which is on the Raptr challenge list, but I completed it a couple of days before the challenge started.  I feel really good about finally finishing some of these games! They were all pretty great and were begging to be played but sometimes I just get busy with other projects.  These are games that I have picked up during a sale and just could not pass up, but they sit half completed or, too often, unopened.  This was a great opportunity to play them and have the incentive of a chance of winning prizes. Who doesn’t love prizes?!

Having recently moved into my current house on almost 7 acres in a beautiful rural area of Virginia, I had so many plans for the house itself and the areas I could garden, but knowing I would only live here a year or so has made me consider carefully what I’m willing to put into it (time and money-wise).  I am a planner and designer by nature and so I’ve been teeming with ideas of what I could do, but have limited my scope to what Hubby and I can enjoy for the short time we are here and take with us easily when we move again.  I love gardening and so this spring has had me itching to plant but I have reined in and just bought a beautiful Queen Elizabeth Rose, about a dozen violas and pansy’s, a Carnaby clematis, marigolds, and a couple of Blue Moon phlox.  Most are in containers now but I still have to get the others in the ground. We were at the hardware store buying screening to replace what’s torn on the patio from the snow this winter and I caught a great sale on the clearance plants; I got all of them with what I had leftover in our grocery budget for the week!

The house has been a bit of a challenge as it is quite large.  We have only lived here a few months so we are still setting up the house and figuring where we want everything to be.  I have gotten some projects done, more-or-less.  I got all of my game collectibles on a shelving system and dust-proofed them in an original way: a shower curtain!

The curtain still needs to be steamed but I was waiting until I got casters for the shelf because I’m going to have to take everything off then anyway.  I will probably pull some of my statuettes and figures out then to display.  Some of them are really interesting! The curtain is just hung with small S-hooks I got from Tractor Supply. If I can make room, I’m going to set up another one to flank the other side of my desk as well.  Then I’ll have room to put my old consoles and the rest of my gaming collectibles and magazines out!  The next project is the walk-in closet  and laundry area which is coming along nicely but isn’t done.

I’m also writing much more than I have in years! I missed it greatly and it is truly a joy for me.  I feel more like me when I am translating the stuff of my mind into something slightly more coherent.  I have lost my “voice” over the years but I hope it will be restored and develop as I continue to feed it.  Writing has always been my Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel).  I have found that it’s one of the best tools I have to help preserve the memories I am making in this life.  I hope to one day be able to have illustration as a tool as well.  The images in my mind could fill a million books.  Today though, the best I can manage is stick figures and child-like sketches.  It’s embarrassing but seeing as I haven’t had an art class since elementary school, it’s fitting I suppose.

The last area of my life I have spruced up this spring is my health.  I care about my health but I don’t always give it the priority it should. Hubby and I are planning a family vacation to the Outer Banks soon so I was inspired to lose a few pounds to look and feel better for that.  I started counting calories and have already lost 8.5 pounds since I started just a couple of weeks ago.  The tendency to become obsessive about it is a concern for me as I did a similar “diet” a year or so ago and it left me tired, cranky, and completely obsessive over what I was eating and it’s nutritional content. That was definitely NOT healthy. This time around, I am making sure to eat what I usually do, but just keep track of the calories and portion accordingly so that I don’t go over my calorie cap.  So far, so good.  I don’t feel more fatigued than usual, but I do miss cooking wonderfully comforting meals.  Grocery shopping while on a diet makes me look at food as the enemy, but I’m sure that’s just temporary, LoL!  Hubby’s employer has changed it’s insurance compensation package (for the better I think) and so we are evaluating which insurance company to buy from.  Health insurance will help in my endeavor to enjoy many more springs to come!

Now that I’m temporarily done with all this spring’s assessment and pruning, it’s time for some renewal!  I think I’ll start with  a calorie-counted glass of local wine, a warm bubbly bath, and some classical music…