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The last month or so has been a blur; usually that means things have just been so busy that nothing of note comes quickly to mind. In this case, I have been so lethargic (because I’ve been unwell) and anxious (about our upcoming move and lack of a location to move to yet) that I have mentally been on vacation.  Days run together like butter melting into the soup that is my mind.


I don’t know if it was the change in weather, time changing, or the new herbal supplement I’m taking, but the last few days have been pretty wonderful.

We’ve had a lot of snowfall here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains this winter.  I really enjoy the snow; it’s so beautiful and quiet, and people tend to stay home so there’s no traffic (not that there is usually more than a couple of cars an hour!).  Sledding down the hills with my Honey is so much fun!  Last weekend the temperature rose to about 70° and most of the snow melted.  The temp dipped during the week but this past Saturday it rose to just above 70° and it was gloriously sunny. Shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, and Katy Perry singing about California Girls on my SoundSpot while I rocked in the hammock overlooking the shimmery lake and grasses bowing under the breeze had me in a summery state of mind.  It was a wonderful respite to the glumness.

This was Saturday:

Sunny view overlooking the lake and mountains from the hammock

Sunny view overlooking the lake from the hammock

And this was Sunday:

Snowy Day


Hubby had Monday off since he couldn’t get his work truck out of the driveway because of all the snow.  It was a great day to spend together.  We did some Spring Cleaning and got a great video of some deer looking for some bushes to nibble near the house.

We also made a simple but yummy St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  Well, I thought it was yummy, but Mr. Picky Eater didn’t like the cabbage! Oh well, he’s getting better…at least he ate it.

See the recipe post HERE!

St. Patrick's Day Irish Cabbage and Golden Hashbrown Nuggets

St. Patrick’s Day Irish Cabbage and Golden Hashbrown Nuggets


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