My Skyrim Journey: Part 4


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My Skyrim Journey: Part 1

Cockatiel alduin Skyrim dragon


Jorrvaskr, the Companions' Hall in Whiterun

Jorrvaskr, the Companions’ Hall in Whiterun

I still needed to go check out that dragon at the watchtower, but first I thought I might get some helpful goodies by helping a Whiterun resident, named Amren, retrieve his family’s sword from Redoran’s Retreat.  The Companions of Jorrvaskr in Whiterun also asked me to visit that location to kill the bandit leader and make the area safer for townsfolk.  Two birds with one stone, right?  Redoran’s Retreat was a pretty easy and small cave area with a few bandits and, as promised, a bandit chief.  Lots of sacks and barrels of food items abound so I filled up on snacks and even used the kettle to cook a few meals for later.  In the back of the cave there was a chest which contained the sword Amren had tasked me to find.
For solving the Trouble in Skyrim, Farkas gave me 100 Gold and referred me to another Companion, Skjor, who then told me I needed to pass a trial to become a true Companion to make sure that I’m honorable.  What’d he think I just did?! Whatever. I can totally use the XP (and the loot 😛 ).  I returned Amren’s father’s sword to him and he taught me his father’s sword and shield technique which added a level to my Block skill and one to my One-handed fighting skill.  Bonus!  He also gave me some piddly amount of Gold.  But his training helped me to…

Level Up skill screen skyrimLEVEL UP!

I reached level 6 and chose to put a point in Health.  I increased my Two-handed skill twice with the Barbarian specialty (2/5) which will now give me 40% more damage when using two-handed weapons!

Merrygold applies to be a Companion at their hall in Jorrvaskr

Merrygold applies to be a Companion at their hall in Jorrvaskr

I paid Farkas, a Master of Heavy Armor, to train me one level in that skill.  When I ask him about the mission Skjor has sent me on, he tells me that he will be my Shield-Brother on the task and will watch me to judge my honor and readiness to become a Companion.  The task, he explains, is to travel to a location that a scholar had described, and to find a blade-piece of “Wuuthrad”, Ysgramor’s famous weapon.  All these vowel-light names have me a bit confused as to where we are going and what we are getting and who it’s for.  But whatever.  All I hear is “Lets go kill some bad guys and get LOOT!”
Farkas tells me he will meet me at the speculated site of the piece of Wuuthrad, called Dustman’s Cairn.  He runs off without me so I head to the Warmaiden’s to smith some better weaponry.  I leave Whiterun and head out across the plains being careful to avoid the tower where the dragon was seen.

On the way I pass some giants and mammoths,

mammoths and giants skyrim

So that’s what that map marker means!

find another NIRNROOT(!) by a creek bed,
Nirnroot near Whiterun, Skyrim and whistle a jaunty tune.
I soon meet Farkas at the top opening of Dustman’s Cairn and I wonder what he’s been doing all this time.  Probably doing pushups to look all manly and grimy and stuff.
Hot.Farkas meets at Dustman's Cairn

Dustman's Cairn... or colon... you decide. map

A map of Dustman’s Cairn…
or colon…
you decide.

Proving Honor  sounds easy enough! We descend the weathered stone spiral steps into Dustman’s Cairn.  Almost immediately I find a table with a two-handed weapon skill book called “The Battle of Sancre Tor”.  There are lots of mummified draugrs who must have been hella-rich ’cause they are all carrying Gold.  Soon enough, we are ambushed by -no, not bandits this time- enemies called the Silver Hand. They are all carrying Gold as well, but they all, oddly enough, using silver swords and some even have iron ingot on them (which of course, I loot!).  Hmm, curious.  I find out why when Farkas morphs into a hulking werewolf! After he clears the room of Silver Hands and returns to human-Farkas, he explains that he has been blessed to turn into a wild beast.  He says that the inner circle of the Companions has this blessing as well.  Not exactly sure I’d call it a “blessing”.  I don’t have much time to ponder this revelation because…


I reached Level 7 and added a point to Stamina.  I invest in point 1/5 of Juggernaut which increases my Heavy Armor rating by 20%.

I think Farkas is checking me out

I think Farkas is checking me out.

As we head out of the cairn, I am faced with a mighty Word Wall which teaches me the Thu’um: Yol Toor Shul, or Fire Breath.

We return to Jorrvaskr in Whiterun and I am officially and truly inducted into the Companions.  I am told that Companions have

Glory in Battle and Honor in Life.

Well said.

Joining the Companions at Jorrvaskr

Joining the Companions at Jorrvaskr



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