My Skyrim Journey: Part 3


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Cockatiel alduin Skyrim dragon


My day began with checking my quest log and noticing that I had been given a choice of who to follow out of Helgen, Hadvar or Ralof.  Damnit! I never saw that there was a choice! All I knew is that there was a dragon swooping around and I was in a panic. I followed the first person I saw.  No wonder Hadvar wanted me to join the damn Imperials; I had chosen him instead of Ralof the Stormcloak.  To right my wrong, I decided to start over…again.  I re-made my character and got her as close to the last one as I could and restarted.  I was already bummed and frustrated though and read on a wiki and found out that the

re weren’t any lasting effects of picking Hadvar over Ralof; it just decided who would befriend you in the beginning.  So I nixed my re-run and went back to my original Merrygold and started back up at Riverwood Traders.

The first order was to head to Whiterun and let the Jarl know about the dragon attacking Helgen.  On my way there, I heard the familiar pulsating hum of the NIRNROOT! I plucked it from the edge of the riverbed and continued to Whiterun and discovered locations of farms and the Honningbrew Meadery.  I didn’t stop in to wet my whistle; I had news to deliver!


Whiterun (Photo credit: ShadowHeartsTwo)

As soon as I notified the Jarl about the dragon, Irileth runs in to say that the dragon has been sighted at the watchtower.  She wants me to come help since I’m the only one of them who has ever survived a dragon attack. Instead of hopping off to help her, I decide that the dragon can just wait on me so I can do some misc stuff round town and level up a bit first.  In Dragonsreach, Hrongar tells me,

I am not a man, just a weapon in human form.  Unsheathe me and point me at the enemy.

I talked to Mikael about Carlotta, started In My Time of Need, turned down the Argonian Ale Extraction (I’m no thief!…at least not for someone else’s benefit!), learned how to smith and alchemize, and then went to checkout the Companions and was eventually inducted.  I cleared out the Halted Stream Camp and got lots of…

you guessed it


I had to make about 6 trips fast-traveling to Whiterun to sell it all,  and before I headed out to take care of the dragon at the watchtower, I had about 3,500 coin.  I still needed one more sliver of XP before I leveled up so I hunkered down to sneak my way to the watchtower and leveled up my Sneak and myself!


I reached level 5 and chose to put a point in Stamina and to save towards another level in Speech.


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  1. Good start! I like your journal type writing style (and your bird perched on top of the word wall is priceless!). 🙂

    I will *follow* along and also add your story to my TES Blogroll. If you ever read mine, I would love to hear your feedback as well.

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