My Skyrim Journey: Part 2



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Cockatiel alduin Skyrim dragon

Merrygold Nord The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Merrygold visits the Riverwood Trader

So I am now a Nord named Merrygold.  Taller than most other residents of Tamriel and with a natural resistance to cold, I am ready to meet whatever destiny has in store.

One brave prisoner met the end of his life at the hand of the executioner and his blade and just as Ulfric Stormcloak was called to follow suit, a mighty, dark dragon appeared in the sky overhead and rained his fury upon all at the butchers’ block.  Hadvar made me an accomplice in escape and he instructed me to run into a tower and through a, now ablaze, inn.  Fire and debris from the crashing dragon made for a dramatic scene but I and Hadvar escaped into a underground bunker with our lives.  Turns out that this dungeon was a great place to kill a few easy Imperial soldiers and get their equipment, and thus equip myself, and pick up some pretty basic weaponry and a bit of loot as well.  I learned how to pick a lock and even leveled that skill up while in the passageway because I just had to check out every locked cell to see if there was anything good inside…or bodies to loot 😀
I even came across a sleeping bear that I killed with a bow & arrow!  I might feel a bit ashamed, but it was a big bear that surely would have eaten me! I took the cavern’s dead ends to pick up a bit of extra loot and was beginning to get the hang of the Kinect voice commands (boy, there are a LOT) which seems somewhat helpful at this point.  Hadvar and I finally emerged out onto the side of a snowy mountain and proceeded to make our way down the winding path.  Adventure is sure to meet us at the bottom.

I talk to Hadvar to find out that the dragon that attacked Helgen,  was the first to be seen in a century and because it appeared at a time fortuitously sparing Ulric Stormcloak’s life, it must be something the Stormcloak rebels are using as a tool.  He also tries to persuade me to join the Imperial Legion even though they were the ones who were just trying to behead me.

“It was just a mistake”, he says.
“A clerical error”, he says.
“I’ll put in a good word for you”, he says.

…I tell him that I’ll have to think about it.

On our way to the town at the bottom of the hill I spy a small encampment of bandits, which I swiftly kill and loot to gain a Black Mage Robe and a skill book, and I also discovered Embershard Mine and a Guardian Stone.  I pick the Warrior Stone there and I decide to go ahead and enter the mine to see see if I can mine some shit.  Outside of the entrance I find a Woodcutters Axe- looks useful.  Inside are some bandits but I ably dispatch them from this mortal coil and investigate to find a pickaxe, a skill book, a blacksmith’s forge and grindstone, a workbench, lots of coin loot, and gems.  Oh yeah, there was also a few veins of iron which I mined until it was depleted and then tried my hand at some smithing. Bandits are easy.


I reached level 2 and chose Stamina (so I could carry more loot!) and Speech.  I’m gonna be like Rico Suave 😉

Over the river and through the wood to Riverwood we go!  Hadvar introduces me to Alvor who tells me some stuff about politics, Ulfric, and dragons and shit and I really don’t care at this point, but he offers me some free loot, so it’s all good. Then I get mixed up in some two-men-love-one-lady kinda bullshit (A Lovely Letter Quest) and I totes-mcgoats tell Camilla that the dudes are fighting dirty over her.  Faendal wins the day and I ask him to be my archer.  Which is handy because then I go in to the Riverwood Traders and am asked to retrieve The Golden Claw from Bleak Falls Barrow by Lucan Valerius.  Why the heck not?!

View from a bandit fortification at the foothills of Bleak Falls Barrow. Skyrim

View from Bleak Falls Temple, a bandit fortification, at the foothills of Bleak Falls Barrow.

Faendal and I start to climb a big-ass mountain, kill some baby bandits, loot the hell out of everything, and enjoy some views on the way.


I reached level 3 and invested a point into Health and Speech.

We head into the Barrows and fight more bandits, some draugrs (creepy skeleton-zombie-mummy things), and a dude who lies to me about the Golden Claw…and so he must die.  I finally find the claw and solve all the puzzles and successfully reach the end of the Barrows where a Word wall teaches me the Thu’um: Fus (Unrelenting Force).  I find a totally sweet cache of loot behind the waterfall of the Word Wall before getting out of dodge.

Word Wall Thu'um Fus Bleak Falls Barrow

Word Wall Thu’um: Fus at Bleak Falls Barrow



I reached level 4 and put a point into Stamina and Smithing.

We fast-traveled back to Riverwood, because I didn’t have time to crap around, and gave the Golden Claw back to Lucan, who was most appreciative.  Good deed for the day done.  I took some pictures to commemorate my awesomeness and saved my game.

The Golden Claw Lucan Riverwood Traders

The Golden Claw is returned to Lucan Valerius at Riverwood Traders



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  1. woooooooow and about half of the world’s population has done the exact same thing u have. congratulations. all in all. ur doing a very fine job in going through. just a heads up. if u wanna beat the game u better have the ability to defeat 2 draugr deathlords

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