Another year, another blog

View from my window

Sunlit Dogwood as seen from my gaming room in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

     I have started numerous blogs on other blog sites, but it’s spring and time for a change. Time to try WordPress. I’m not sure how narrow of a scope I want this blog to be. I’d really like a dedicated place to just -write-; daily musings, what video game I’m currently playing and what I think about it, my newest nail polish, pretty pictures I have taken and recipes I’ve come up with. Oh, and gardening. And DIY projects. And household maintenance tips….

     I enjoyed a few rounds of Bookworm Heroes on my iPhone while going through the 2,000 or so emails I have received in the few weeks I have been mostly offline.  Mother was happy to try to best me at the game but I spanked she who used to spank me! She taught me my ABC’s but now it’s IN HER FACE! We both just started playing the game yesterday and I was a bit unsure how we’d match up as we are both wordsmiths, but I was quite pleased when I creamed her in the five or so games we have played since yesterday. I realized that she wasn’t using her character’s specials and abilities so my wins were in name only. I called her to explain how it all seems to work; I had been playing the same amount of time she had but I tend to poke and prod and figure out the guts of games pretty quickly.
You can read my review of this game and other games I’m currently playing on my website Saving the World From Evil…again!.

     I got to chat on Facebook with a teammate from my high school softball team, The Warwick Raiders.   We extolled the virtues of pet care and animal rescues and decried the shame of poor local laws which allow licensed dogs to roam loose even on private property that does not belong to the owner.  It’s always good to stay in touch with friends and share wonderful memories….and complain about stuff.
I spent the rest of the day setting up this blog, updating the aforementioned blog, replaying The Witcher 2 on the Dark difficulty (man, is it DARK!), and trying to plan how I will get 3.5 acres of grass cut with a push-mower tomorrow.

The Warwick Raiders circa 1995


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